Dreaming with Purpose: the Creative Entrepreneur and Wedding Professional Portfolio Podcast

Ep. 07. Dreaming with Purpose - Part I

March 03, 2022 Jacqueline Malocu Season 1 Episode 7
Dreaming with Purpose: the Creative Entrepreneur and Wedding Professional Portfolio Podcast
Ep. 07. Dreaming with Purpose - Part I
Show Notes

Ep. 07 - PART I

Your purpose is THE compass for guiding your business and because the seasons of your business can feel like a constantly shifting, evolving state – it is important to have a rock-solid foundation that becomes stronger as your business grows.

Dream Team Académie has a system to help make purpose discovery for your business easy.

We believe that the sum of your business purpose is found in knowing…
 who you are (what makes you different?), who you serve (who are your clients/customers?), how you serve them (what are your offers?), and why it matters. 

Let’s check it out together:

First, discover your business core Values.
These may not be exactly the same as your personal core values, but they will not be contradictory. If they are, you are likely experiencing frustration and confusion along with the inability to make confident decisions.

Next, identify your Superpowers – yep, you’ve got em. These special powers leave clues and are a key element in your purpose discovery. Write yours down and ask yourself how they help your business purpose. 

Next, think about your Client – who are they? 
The most important thing about your ideal client is this:
 You must believe that they are one hundred percent FOR you. Know that they are your #1 raving fan.

It is amazing what a changed mindset can do for your confidence. And confidence creates a safe space for you to do business. 

This next one is easy. Your Offers. What are you offering your customers? Grab a piece of paper and jot down your all of the products or services that you offer onto a list. 

Finally, let’s talk about Benefits. If you remember the last element for purpose discovery, the prompt is “why does it matter?”. This refers to the benefits your offers provide to your clients. Why does what you have to offer matter to your client? What problem are you solving?

As you have heard me say many times, purpose is the foundation for your business. And your true purpose will get stronger as your business grows. 

The second part of this episode is all about how you can activate your purpose and make your dreams come true – but in the interest of keeping things short and digestible, this episode is TO BE CONTINUED…

If you need a little guidance or support in identifying your core values or if you have questions regarding anything we discussed today - feel free to reach out to Jacqueline through our contact form at dreamteamacademie.com or follow & message on IG

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